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2 reviews for SR9009 20MG PER ML X 30ML

  1. jrgdam (verified owner)

    Tis company supports the military! I am a combat wounded veteran and this company has been a blessing for me. My research animal has significant scarring from blast lung and his breathing was deteriorating over a ten year period. Upon a timely receipt of my order i began researching by stacking 20 mg daily (once) of GW 501516 with 20 mg (twice) of SR 9009 and the results were very noticeable within 2 days. I read online that SR9009 needs to be injested sublingually due to poor bioavailabilty. I noticed a slight increase in effectiveness by having my animal do this. The GW puts you into 3rd gear while the SR puts you into 5th.. My research animal was a wounded combat veteran who had enough scar tissue in his lung to be seen in an xray as a “mass”. This animal had significant lung function problems (69 percent) and within one week was at 100 percent tested function. Exercise endurance was increased significantly. Tripled Body weight HIT reps in three rounds of 10 exercises for 40 minutes. My animal significantly improved his 2 mile run time by 2 minutes. This was the first week. My research indicates that actual lung healing may be taking place. Looking forward to ct scan results in six months. I recommend that your research anmal drink at least a half ounce of water per pound. The fat burning effects are noticeable. Highly recommend this product!

  2. Max

    Good stuff. Endurance increases and noticeable fat loss taking 20 mgs/day split into 5 doses for 30 days

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