Semax 30MG

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**lyophilized, vacuum-sealed Neuropeptide
-enhances focus & energy
-potential mood enhancer & anxiety-reducing compound

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**lyophilized, vacuum-sealed Neuropeptide (Heptapeptide)
Research Dosage: .2mg-1mg (14 days on/14 days off research cycle)
Half-life: 12-24 hours
Storage: ~24 months

an analog of adrenocorticotropic hormone 4-10 (ACTH 4-10), a fragment of ACTH known for its neurological effects and absence of hormonal effects.
Research Studies Show:
-it enhances focus & energy
-improves cognitive function
-increases memory capabilities
-potential mood enhancer & anxiety-reducing compound

This peptide is for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY – NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION OR INJECTION. These compounds are to be used and monitored by advanced researchers. Our products are not intended to treat any illnesses and are not FDA approved.


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