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1 review for RAD140 20MG PER ML X 30/50ML

  1. brianbsscott (verified owner)

    I am taking a stack of RAD, GW, LG. In 12 days, I’ve put on 7.5 lbs. I take a diuretic so there’s no water weight. And putting fat on is just about impossible these days. I also take ipamorelin, combined with cjc no dac. As well as frag 176-191 & AOD 9604. I can see the muscle that I’ve put on, and there’s also been a strength increase of 15-25% in those 12 days. I am prescribed 60mg, twice a week of test cyp, and clomiphene cit 50mg every other day, and I imagine those act synergistically with the SARMS. I was skeptical of peptides and sarm s at first, but BPUS has exceeded my expectations at every turn! Crazy to think I have 10 weeks left in this cycle!

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