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  1. brianbsscott

    I bought 30 vials of ipa, and was given 29.5 vials from a friend who didn’t want to be a pin cushion. This shit works. My base IGF-1 levels were 68ng/dl, after 1 month of only ipa, 180 ng/dl. After 2 more months, and adding cjc 1295 no dac, I had to take a break, as I was exhibiting signs of too much GH in my body- water retention(5 lbs-used hctz to get rid of that), could only sleep a few hours a night, joint and bone pain. Great recovery, crazy vascularity, great fat burner. Since I had 2 bulk orders, I was dosing 800-1000mcg in the AM, and 1400-1600mcg before bed. Then added the cjc and didn’t really change dose. Not sure if it’s from the IPA, but all I want to do is eat since starting. I’m 6′ 161 lbs, I eat was eating 4000+ calories a day and still slowly dropping weight. I’m down to just an AM dose, cjc 100mcg + 500 mcg ipa, but have added aod 9604, frag 176-191, and a SARM stack- gw, lgd, rad. Just started those yesterday, reviews to come with results. Although who knows if I’ll be able to tell what did what!

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